This is the final song off my EP “Acoustic Thoughts.” It’s funny how this song came about. I was basically messing around on the piano with some chords and the first line of the hook just came to me randomly (“I might miss the warmth of your body”). Don’t ask me how!

After that, verse 1 kind of just wrote itself! Sometimes you get lucky and songs write themselves within minutes! Later my friend joined in to help clean up the lyrics and melody and develop them a bit more, and the rest is history.

This is probably favorite song from this EP, maybe because the song just flowed so naturally. This song is almost a continuation of “I hate it”.

That songs talks about being miserable after a breakup, whereas “on second thought” reconciles with the situation and makes you realize that it was probably for the best! Hope you enjoy it, you can also check it out on iTunes J




Written by: A.Shahid, A.Daniel

Produced/Mixed by: A.Shahid




I think we coulda been different

Wish we took things a little bit slow


We let, our lust take over

And lit the fire a little too soon


We tried too hard to force things

When it should have come natural

We focused on the wrong things

So it didn’t work afterall




I might miss the warmth of your body

Your soft skin I’ll never forget


The words we used to say to each other

Made us think we’re as good as it gets


On second thought it’s a good thing

We learned a bitter lesson

Ain’t no happy ending

Didn’t look before we jumped in


It might take, a little getting used

Then again on second thought

That’s okay



Don’t feel we wasted our time

Each day was a blessing we shared


I’m glad I’m not the only one

Happy you found someone who cares


We both moved on

There’s nothing wrong

I have no hard feelings


When you told me

You got a ring

I’m glad, I wish you good things