I have over 10 years of experience making music, from writing, recording, producing and all the way to mixing and mastering.  These very skills are what allowed me to amass a 120 song catalog (and growing every month) that generates millions of streams every year.  I've compiled a few resources below to help demonstrate my very process I use to complete my songs.  If you want a quick and painless path to getting high quality songs done efficiently, look no further.


How To Mix A Song From Scratch
  • How To Mix A Song From Scratch
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Learn my step by step process for mixing a song from beginning to end. I will walk you through an entire mix from start to finish in this detailed course. This eCourse also includes the WAV files for the song I used in the tutorial so you can copy my steps exactly and get the same results!

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The One Man Band eCourse (with eBook)
  • The One Man Band eCourse (with eBook)
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In this course, you will learn the entire process of creating a song, from writing, producing, recording, mixing and mastering - with detailed videos on each component. If you want to have a big catalog of music and generate income from your songs, you must know each of these steps. The entire process is demonstrated using my song "Last Time". To be able to create a lot of high quality music frequently, you need to be self sufficient. Learn my entire process and never be dependent on anyone again! This eCourse also includes "The One Man Band" eBook!

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